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Shelley Shop - Christmas Cards

(Updated 01/10/19)

The Christmas Cards shown below are available to Members and Non-Members. The postage and packing costs will depend on destination. Please contact the Shelley Shop -  if you wish to make a purchase.

Mount Kosciuszko Christmas Cards

Ten different designs featuring Shelley souvenir items produced for this New South Wales attraction. Single fold printed on heavy 250 g/m² card. Size approx. 15 x 10 cm. Price £5.00 plus p&p. per pack of ten cards, one of each design, complete with envelopes.

  Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4 Card 5 Card 6

  Card 7 Card 8 Card 9 Card 10

Dickens Wall Plaque Christmas Cards

These cards feature the designs taken from an article in issue 87 of the Shelley Group magazine. The front of each card bears the words 'Have a Dickens of a Christmas'. The cards are printed on quality 120 g/m² paper and are quarter fold with an overall size of approx.15cm x 10cm. Price £5.00 plus p&p. per pack of 10 cards, one of each design, including envelopes.

    Srtful Doger Card   Dolly Varden Card   Little Nell and her Grandfather   Mr Micawber Card   Mr Pecksniff Card    
The Artful Dodger
Dolly Varden
Little Nell
Mr Micawber
Mr Pecksniff
    Mr Pegotty Card   Mr Pickwick Card   Oliver Twist Card   Squeers School Card   Uriah Heap Card    
Mr Pegotty
Mr Pickwick
Oliver Twist
Squeers School
Uriah Heap

Shelley Items - Christmas Cards

Each pack comprises two cards of each of the five different designs, with envelopes. Price per pack £5.00 plus p&p. The cards are printed on quality 120 g/m² paper, quarter fold giving an overall size of approx 15cm x10cm.

Shelley Christmas Cards - various items

Shelley Intarsio - Christmas Cards

Based loosely around the Christmas Carols "The Twelve days of Christmas", "God Rest you Merry Gentlemen" and "I saw Three Ships", these cards feature designs from the "INTARSIO" rage of earthenware. They are printed on quality 210 g/m² card and are approx. 15cm x 20cm. Price £5.00 +p&p. per pack of six, one of each of the designs shown below, plus envelopes.

Intarsio Cards

Christmas Cards Designed by Ray Reynolds

These delightful cards are taken from original artwork by Ray Reynolds.  Packs 1 & 2 are sold in packs of ten - two of each design. Pack 3 is also sold as a pack of 10 but with a random selection of designs. Price per pack £5.00 plus p&p. The cards are printed on quality 120 g/m² paper, quarter fold giving an overall size of approx 15cm x10cm.

Pack 1
Cottage Card
Friars Crag Card
Intarsia Card
Surrey Scenes Card
Tall Trees Card

Pack 2
Micklewright's Church at Christmas -card
Christmas Eve - card
ard - Shelley Castle Rtyns at Christmas
Card - Geese - One has disappeared
Card - Fred Rhead's Mill at Christmas

Pack 3
Friars Crag Christmas card 2

Tall Trees Star Christmas card

Vogue Christmas card

To purchase these Christmas Cards contact the Shelley Group Shop -